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Some of the new 1/72 Scale projects we are currently working on!


AIR72-005 Air |Forces of the World Series 'RAF & Commonwealth Training Aircraft Part 1'

AIR72-006 Combat Ops Series 'Desert Storm Part 1'

AIR72007 Air Forces of the World Series 'Search & Rescue'

Resin Accessories

AC-020 Sea Harrier Bulged wheels
AC-026 Jaguar Drop Tanks
Martin Baker Mk.12 (Harrier GR7/9) Ejector Seats
Martin Baker SJU-S16 (Hornet) Ejector Seats
Martin Baker Mk.7 (F-4 Phantom) Ejector Seats
Westland Scout Weapons Pack
Beechcraft 1080 Refuelling Pods (Canadian Boeing 707)
RF-111C/G Recce Pod
AGM-84J Harpoon Missiles
AGM-65G Maverick Missiles
AIM-120 AMRAAM Missiles
ALQ-101 Pod
ALQ-87 Pod
Phimat Pod
RecceLite Recce Pod
Pave Spike Pod

Mirage III Wheels

BAe Hawk T.Mk1 complete wing with dropped flaps for Airfix kit
BAe Hawk T.Mk2 complete wing with dropped flaps for Airfix Hawk 100 series kit
CB-470 Cluster Bombs
Westland Wessex Weapon Platform with AS.12 Missile
F95 Impala Reconnaissance Pod
ELT-555 ECM Pod
Mirage F1 Centerline MER + 4xMk82 Bombs
Saab Gripen Twin Store Carriers for Italeri/Revell models
Type 181 Matra Rocket Pod
Mark 11 Depth Charge
Pylon For B-1B Sniper Pod
Blue Steel Missile
Chinook V1 Chaff/Flare Pack

In The Hanger Series

Range Rover TACR2 

Leyland Hippo MkII Refueller (Ex Model Alliance)

Schopf F59 Tow Tractor

RAF Pilots seated

RN Tractor driver and deck crew figure

Tow bars

Thunderbird Missile

Thunderbird missile trailer


Bedford RL GS Truck

Quad ATV  


Lineo Cuberli

'This is a very good company, highly recommend, made by modelers for modelers, they are also attentive to the smallest details'