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AIR.AC-085  Bristol Britannia C1 Wheel set For the Mach II Kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-086 Britannia C1 Undercarriage Set For Mach II kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-087 Devon C2 Wheel Set For A-Model kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-088 Devon C2 Engine Set For A-Model Kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-089 Devon C2 Cockpit  Set For A-Model Kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-090 CH-124 Sea King Sponsons For Sea King Kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-093 Mirage F1 580 Gallon Drop tank For any Mirage F1 kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-094 Avro Vulcan K2  Conversion For Airfix Vulcan B2 Kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-095 EC-655 Tiger Update set For any EC655 Kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-091 MBDA Brimstone Missiles Pack of 3 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-092 MBDA Brimstone 2 Missiles Pack of 3 with clear nose 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-096 Lockheed C2 Ejector Seat For F-104/CF-104 kits 1/72 Scale £TBA NEW ITEM
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