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AIR.AC-037 Bae Hawk T.59 Korean  AF Nose For any Airfix/Revell Hawk  T.1 kits 1/72 Scale Future Release AIR.AC-038 SEPECAT Jaguar IM  Nose Conv For any Hasegawa kit 1/72 Scale £6.00 AIR.AC-039 Mk.43 Nuclear Bomb  & F-104 Pylon  For any F-104 kit (Bomb  can be used On many NATO aircraft) 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC-040 HS125 Dominie new  nose set For Airfix kits 1/72 Scale Future Release AIR.AC038 Jaguar IM AIR.AC03 Mk43 AIR.AC-041 HS125 Dominie  Engine Replacement Set For Airfix Dominie Kit 1/72 Scale Future Release AIR.AC042 SUU-21 AIR.AC-042 SUU-21 Practice Bomb  Dispenser For any F-104 kits 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC-043 Mk.10 (B1) Ejector Seat For any Bae Hawk kit 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC-044 SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1/3  Clear Resin Nose For any Hasegawa Jaguar  GR1 kit 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC-045 Mk.28RE Nuclear Bomb For any F-104 kit (Bomb  can be used on many NATO aircraft) 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC-046 Sniper Pod For any Harrier Kit 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC-047 Westland Scout Engine  & Tail Rotor For Airfix Scout Kit 1/72 Scale £7.50 AIR.AC-048 Orpheus Mk.V Recce  Pod For F-104/AMX &  Tornado IDS 1/72 Scale Future Release AIR.AC043  MK 10 E seat AIR.AC046 Sniper AIR.AC047 Scout Set 1 AIR.AC044 Jaguar GR Nose AIR.AC045 Mk28RE NB
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