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AIR.AC-049 Westland Lynx AH.1/7  TOW Missile Set For Airfix Lynx Kit 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC050 Jaguar wheels AIR.AC-050 SEPECAT Jaguar wheels For any Jaguar kit 1/72 Scale £6.00 AIR.AC051 NACES AIR.AC-051 NACES II Ejector Seat 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC052 DJRP AIR.AC-052 DJRP Vinten Recce Pod 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC053 DATA AIR.AC-053 DATA link training pods Pack of 2 - Used by NATO  aircraft 1/72 Scale £6.00 AIR.AC054 Jaguar chaff AIR.AC-054 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1/3  Chaff/Flare Dispensers  For any RAF Jaguar kit 1/72 Scale £4.00 AIR.AC-055 BLU-107 Durandal  Rockets For NATO & Modern aircraft 1/72 Scale Future Release AIR.AC-056 Tornado Hindenburger  Fuel Tanks For any RAF Tornado kit 1/72 Scale £8.50 AIR.AC056 Hindenburger AIR.AC049 Lynx TOW Missile AIR.AC-057 CF-104 Starfighter  Wheels For any Canadian  Starfighter Kit 1/72 Scale £5.00 AIR.AC-058 Hawker Hunter F6 Wings For Revell Hunter kit 1/72 Scale £12.00 AIR.AC059 Sea King Filter AIR.AC-059 Sea King Sand Filter 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC060 Sea King radome early AIR.AC-060 Sea King Radome  (Early type) 1/72 Scale £4.00 AIR.AC057 CF-104 wheels AIR.AC058 Hunter wing NEW ITEM NEW ITEM
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