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AIR.AC-073  Westland Scout Set 2 For the Airfix Kit 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-080 AMRAAM Missiles 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-074 Canberra T11/T17 Nose 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-075 MB Mk4 Ejector Seat 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-076 MH-60R Seahawk tail conversion  1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-077 Canberra T22 nose 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-078 Damocles Targeting Pod 1/72 Scale £6.50 AIR.AC-079 AGM-65G Maverick Missiles 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC078 Damocles AIR.AC-081 PAVETACK Pod Pylon mounted 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-082 F-16 MRP Clear resin 1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-083 PAVETACK Pod Recessed  1/72 Scale £TBA AIR.AC-084 Sea King AEW Deflated radome For any RN Sea King kit 1/72 Scale £TBA NEW ITEM
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